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String of Rubies

String of Rubies

You will receive a ruby necklace with color close to the photo. They are currently super stressed. 

Please read before you purchase:
     Each pot is unique, they were exposed directly to the sun all day.  They grow quickly, have brilliant colors, and bloom with daisy-like flowers all year. In low light, they retain a green hue with reddish highlights, particularly around the stem. The stem and the bean-shaped plump leaves will turn crimson red under direct sunlight!

It's typical for succulents to differ slightly in color or size from photographs due to changes in season, climate, temperature, and light.


     Every plant is unique even though they all grew in the same location and received the same type of care. These strings of rubies are exposed to direct sunlight to be able to get the best ruby-red color that they are now. They receive water only when they are totally bone dry. We ship them to you free of moisture to avoid them rotting during transit. There might be some falling leaves or stems but do not worry, you may stick the stems in a new well-draining planter with succulent mixed soil. If there are some green leaves that is because these leaves were not exposed to direct sunlight.  Rest assured that they will also turn reddish color when they are exposed to sunlight and the dry or dehydrated leaves will get back to their normal state after few times of watering. It is also advised to add more soil to the pot or better yet repot it because we must remove excess soil before we box them to make sure that you will receive a box that is neat and free of scattered soil all over the box as it is so undesirable to receive a package full of dirt. 


Caring for your ruby necklace:


Fortunately, these cuties can thrive in both direct and indirect light. The more direct sunlight these plants receive, the brighter their purple and red hue becomes. In low light, they retain a more greenish color with purple stems and accents. In my experience, these plants thrive well in low light circumstances in gardens and on patios, but they are a little more difficult to maintain happy indoors.  They go into dormancy during the sizzling summer months, so give them more shade and less water.



You will receive a fully established plant in a 6-inch pot fully stressed, meaning the color will be almost the same as pictured in the photos. These plants, like most succulents, don't like being overwatered, especially if they are planted in more shady and cooler settings. They prefer well-draining soil that dries completely between waterings.  During their growth seasons, Spring and Fall, they prefer more moisture in their soil and can be watered regularly (like once per week).


General Care:

When these plants become too long, you can cut them back. You can transplant the trimmed ends, but it's preferable to give them some water propagation to stimulate root growth before replanting.

Ships via USPS. You have the option to buy priority shipping. Tracking numbers will be sent to you or checked through your purchased orders. Thank you.

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