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Rare and live, Variegated String of hearts, Ceropegia woodii, full pot and long

Rare and live, Variegated String of hearts, Ceropegia woodii, full pot and long

Shipping in Extreme Cold:

Please check your local weather forecast before buying. We recommend you add a heat pack to your order if are ordering live plants and your area is experiencing temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buyers will get a fully rooted string of hearts in a 6-inch pot. The length of the strings varies; we send the longest first. Untangling may be a challenge due to the long strands, but don't worry, they are established plants. They have multiple tubers or rooted bulbs in a pot.

Also known as:

Collar of hearts
Rosary vine
Chain of hearts
Sweetheart vine
Hearts entangled

Pink and white heart-shaped leaves grow on delicate, drooping stems from a variegated string of hearts. Ceropegia woodii is the name botanists use for string of hearts with green leaves. Ceropegia woodii variegata is the name botanists use for the more attractive version with different colored leaves. The low-maintenance string of hearts is happiest in bright, indirect light and can go for weeks without watering. The semi-succulent nature of the variegated string of hearts allows it to store water for future use.

Care Tips
Light: a bright and warm environment with plenty of bright, filtered sun or strong indirect light. It can whit-stand a few hours of direct sunshine a day

Water: Only when potting mix is dry to touch. Needs regular (possibly weekly) watering in summer and much less in winter

Soil: Well draining succulents potting mix

Temperature: The optimal temperature range is from 65 °F to 90 °F during the day. At night keep the temperature above 40F

Potting: Likes to be pot bound, and hanging pot is perfect when it grows bigger

Humidity: Average

**************************************What to do after receiving your plant:

Please remove the plant from the box as soon as you receive your delivery, unwrap gently. If the soil is dry, give it some water. The plants may not perk up for one to two weeks as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Please wait a few days before repotting your plant. It is stressed from transit and needs at least two weeks to recover and acclimate to its new home.

During the colder months, heat packs are offered as an add-on item in the shop. If you reside in a region where the temperature often falls below 40 degrees, you should add a heat pack. Each box needs one heat pack.

Ships via USPS. You have the option to buy priority shipping. A tracking number will be emailed to you or can be found in your purchased orders. Thank you.

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