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STRINGS OF TEARS --in full 6inch hanging potsl

STRINGS OF TEARS --in full 6inch hanging potsl

  • Plant Type

    Cacti & Succulents

  • Light Requirement

    Partial Shade

String of Tears Curio herreanus ALSO KNOWN AS String of Beads. Curio herreanus is a laid-back plant that prefers plenty of light and little water but doesn't allow it to get entirely dry for lengthy periods of time. Its leaves vary in size and it has a more compact appearance than its near relative String of Pearls. This perennial succulent species is supposed to resemble a beaded necklace when it sprawls over the sides of containers or hanging baskets. It's a popular houseplant all around the world because it's easy to grow indoors. When trailing stems come into contact with the ground in the wild, they tend to root and form dense mats. This species, which evolved in arid regions, is adapted to retain water during periods of drought.

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