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Large succulent cuttings

Large succulent cuttings

Stunning Succulent bundles choose from large cuttings of Echeverias or Aeonium or buy both!



You may choose between a set of beautiful super-premium echeverias or a set of lively and hardy Aeoniums or why not buy both! They will be shipped to you live and freshly cut on the day of shipping to make sure that they will arrive calloused and ready for planting in your desired planters. Sizes are from 3 inches.


When ordering, please check your desired set of succulents.


1 - Aeonium Kiwi

1 - Aeonium Haworthii

1 - Aeonium Black Rose

1 - Aeonium lilypad or equivalent

1 - Aeonium Sunburst


Super-premium Echeverias:

1 - PVN 1 - Echeveria elegant "Gray Red'

1 - Pachyphytum Hookeri

1 - Pachyphytum Dr. Cornelius


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